FG Monster Truck

FG Monster RC Truck

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FG Modellsport has created a monster truck (FG Monster Truck MT5) that is unlike any other Large Scale RC monster truck out on the market today. The FG Monster Truck will make even the largest nitro powered RC's seem small. With it's huge size and powerful engine you can bet the FG Monster Truck will surely draw a crowd.

The FG Monster Truck MT5 features an effective rear drive train which powers the huge 1/6th scale monster rc truck over impossible terrain and excellent driving performance. To help get the FG Monster Truck over obstacles the FG MT5 is equipped with huge eight inch wheels which are held to the ground with eight oil-filled shocks! The FG MT5 tires have a fabric insert in order to prevent a tire extension to a large degree according to centrifugal force at increasing rpm.

Powering the large scale FG Monster Truck is a powerful 3HP 26ccm combustion engine which runs with ordinary 2-stroke gas-oil mixture. This powerful engine can be very easily started using the built-in pull start, ensuring easy starting each time. Even with the powerful engine a full tank of gas-oil mixture will last a long time - up to 45 minutes in fact!

The FG Monster Truck chassis is a 4mm angled alloy plate, making this one serious chassis for the FG Monster Truck. The screws on the bottom of the FG Monster Truck are countersunk to prevent the screw heads from being damaged while racing or bashing. The FG Monster Trucks front axle allows you to have the possibility to adjust toe-in or toe-out through track rods with right-/ left-handed thread. At the rear axle king pin angle and toe-in can be adjusted by adjusting screws with right-/ left-handed thread. The FG Monster Truck also includes ball bearings on all rotating parts which not only allows for better performance but also durability of the FG MT5!

Including with the FG Monster Truck is a two-piece body that is manufactured in transparent polycarbonate. And of course the Monster Truck is available as RTR version.

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FG Monster Truck Specs

The FG Monster Truck is not your average RC. The FG MT5 is a gas sucking 1/5th scale beast of a monster truck - a Large Scale RC Monster Truck, just check out some of these specs found on the FG Monster Truck MT5!

  • Length: 28.34inchs (720mm)
  • Width: 20.07inchs (510mm)
  • Height: 15.15inches (385mm)
  • Wheelbase: 18.89inches (480mm)

FG Monster Truck Parts

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FG Monster Truck Manual

FG Monster Truck Manual - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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